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Custom embellished Mc Supersized Grin

This is by far one of my favourite projects.

Embellising a Mc Supersized Grin🤟🏻 I got this amazing project from a very nice man from Hong Kong who have an amazing collection of collectable toys. He wanted him to be covered in Swarovski crystals from top to toe except teeth. I love a challenge and this was my first time ever taking on such a big job. I was truelly excited about working with the different sizes and the range of beautiful colors that Swarovski have of their flatback crystals no hotfix. I had no problem getting the colors to match:) Figurin out patterns and the way to place the crystals was difficult, cause I didnt want to just place them randomly. I wanted to try to follow the shape of him. To make sure the details didnt get lost. I really tried my best and it was time consuming. And because of my condition it was even more challenging, but I see the value in the small steps I take to achieve and finishing my projects. Because doing this makes so happy and I love to be creative:)

It was a bit hard for me to take a good photo, so the video shows more of the sparkle💎

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